One Question Wednesday's

Photo of Makenzie, Ify, and I cheersing in Oaxaca. Shot on 35mm (2021).

Remember sleepovers before smartphones, AIM, and dial-up internet?

You and a friend or cousin or sibling were elated just to be around eachother. Up all night giggling and gisting, asking and answering questions ranging in depth and topic. Mostly silly, mischievous, non-sensical shit. The sun would flicker through a curtain, or someone’s mom would barge into the room and yell, “SHHHHHhhHh!”

Life slowed.
Bonds strengthened.
No binary existed of fun or fulfilling.

It was ALL of it.

Relationships thickened with laughter and sweetened with tears.

I still have these moments with a handful of friends, select family, the occasional lovely stranger, and thankfully, almost every night with Cortney (if one of us hasn’t already passed out or is pulling an all-nighter).

That’s how I want this tiny weekly space to feel.

It’s called One Question Wednesday’s (because ya’ll know I like to name everything and you know I love Wednesday’s (well, OG’s know *sips wine*), and questions): a subscriber discussion thread.

For Free Babes every first Wednesday of the month, for Paid Babes every week.

Expect a range. Think delirious, delicious gist in the company of close friends at 4 AM after coming home from a party where none of you knew anyone. Or the ease, honesty, and vulnerability present while laying next to lover on a weeknight, a bottle of whatever it is you like to sip between you. Or an unplugged chance encounter with a fascinating stranger halfway across the country. You accept an invitation for an evening stroll, the two of you set forth with nothing to lose and everything to gain from asking and answering.

All of it.

Ok, ok. Enough from me.

TODAY’S QUESTION: What situation did TV/movies make you think would be common, but when you grew up you found out it wasn’t?

I used to think that every sex scene in a romantic relationship would be some beautifully edited, slow motion sephia montage while 90’s R&B thrummed in the background thanks to movies like “Brown Sugar” and “Love and Basketball.” That was not the case the first go around and has…not…been the case for the majority of adulthood lmao.

I’ll be reading/responding tonight and tomorrow! Can’t wait to see your answers.

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