Your newsletters always serve as a powerful reminder of how wise and creative you truly are. No mere metrics can measure the impact of your words and visuals on all of us. You consistently manage to touch that deep chord within me, and for that, I am truly grateful. Thank you for sharing your gifts and continuing to inspire me. Sometimes I read what you write and I realize I'm not alone.

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"What if I have gifts and abilities and in this lifetime I never find the courage to use them?” Answer: I would feel as if I have let a part of me die, even as I am still alive. A reminder to myself to stay courageous. Thank you Nneka.

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Girl. You’ve got me so encouraged with your words and what you’ve been sharing on IG. I have been doing morning pages, moving my body and one creative act everyday with you. Thank you for always sharing and creating.

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Just found you via notes and this one really resonates. Just subscribed, looking forward to reading more of your newsletter.

Hope this serves as one of those better metrics you're looking for. Keep going.

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I loved your short. I just noticed your Substack pop up and the title "Letters from a stranger" caught my eye. But the short was definitely what I really needed to see today. ❤️

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Thank you for this beautiful curation of words. The internal and external resonances you shared helped me to shine a small light on what is it that I am trying to do when I share my writing. They also challenged me to truly answer the questions you posed. Especially, when I get lost in my own head and hit walls with my writing.

The quote from Anne Dillard also really spoke to me. The part that goes, “… to locate the most tender spot ...and plug into that pulse”.

The usual tempting surfing on the waters of the internet (down the usual rabbit holes) led me to a Fiona Apple song yesterday, and to this lyric that also includes the word “pulse”:

“I move with the trees

In the breeze

I know that time is elastic

and I know when I go

All my particles disband and disperse

And I'll be back in the pulse

And I know none of this'll matter

In the long run

But I know a sound is still a sound

Around no-one”

When I heard this part , I related it to my own creativity and how I understand none of what I do matters when it comes my return to ‘particles’ in the universe some day, however “ a sound is still a sound”and what we create matters to our souls.

If I only connect with one person deeply through each of my posts, then all of it is worth it , I am completely with you on that. I started writing publicly very recently for that very reason, I connected to that tender pulse that is alive in me . And to not write, to not create, truly is atrophy. I can no longer go back.

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You are born alone, and you die alone....the whole thing about trust and love, that one is quite debatable.

I looooove the short. It's art.

Keep it up.


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