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I Hate Intros.

...An Intro.

Hey Friends,

Self-portrait of Nneka Julia introducing herself (with trepidation).

There are some beautiful new faces around here, and I didn’t want to give the one thing I typically loathe giving: a dry-ass introduction.

So, I made a video, keeping the list of important creative titles short and sweet. And what better way to show you my vein of gold than by showing you where it isn’t? I’ve never, nor will ever, try to contend with all the incredible beauty and fashion folks, or give you advice about how to make 7 million dollars in the next 7 seconds (unless it forreal happens).

What I do hope you find, in any corner of the internets that I occupy, is a good story compellingly told. I hope you feel. I hope you’re moved. I hope you get a few laughs or cries off.

Whenever I think about the work I’ll leave behind, I always come back to the Letters from a Stranger 100-day project. It’s the reason why this newsletter, which I sincerely cherish, exists.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be revisiting the project, writing and mailing letters, and starting a Thursday Thread so we can grapple with the questions together.

I’ll be sharing the filming/storyboarding process for bringing the questions to life over on YouTube and giving a sneak to all the Paid Babes before videos are released.

I still owe ya’ll a 2022 Year In Review going out this Sunday and we’ll start the Thursday thread on 3/9. Sunday’s will be a mix of essays, words I needed last week, recaps, and ramblings when the Year In Review wraps.

Aight, enough from me. I’d love to know:
- What is your name?
- Where do you currently reside?
- What are you grateful for?
- What you are most looking forward to?

My name is Nneka Julia, I’m a third-culture kid currently residing in Brooklyn, NY (after a lifetime in Ann Arbor, MI, and Detroit). I’m grateful for my loving, supportive partner, and for a sound body and mind. I’m most looking forward to bringing these questions to life, mailing out all these letters, and being in conversation with you.

Thank you so much for being here


Letters From A Stranger
Letters From A Stranger
Nneka Julia